Save Our Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center

Letter from Marcy Rose, President NAMI of Buffalo

Dear Commissioner Sullivan,

Once again, I want to let you know my continuing opposition to transferring the children from West Seneca WNY Children's Psychiatric Center to Buffalo Psychiatric Center (BPC) I have seen the area that is being prepared for the children to play outside, fenced in. It is between two brick complexes.

The children will be leaving a state-of-the-art, award-winning facility with fresh air and a countryside setting. The entire psychiatric center is enclosed by a college on one side and a "boutique" hotel on the other. The staff of both facilities are opposed to the merger. How does this bode for success?

I know that the governor wants this to happen. I have written him more than once about this. We are losing so many battles in New York State with closure of needed hospital beds, please don't let this be another loss for us.

Marcy Rose, President, NAMI in Buffalo